Remember I said I was putting myself on a total makeup buying ban? Bet you didn't think I could do it did you?

Well I'm pleased to say I did it! One whole month buying no makeup whatsoever.

Technic Cosmetics Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palette - Toffee Edition Review

Over the last year I've been absolutely amazed by all the affordable makeup brands on the market. I was a high end user previously, but after discovering a lot of affordable makeup was really pretty good for the money, I've been trying a whole host of new products...


In many ways I still consider myself pretty new to makeup, especially to affordable makeup, and over the last year I have been pretty intrigued by the massive appetite for 'Dupes', so I often find myself in makeup orientated Facebook groups or on forums. 


Juvia's Place are fast gaining popularity in the makeup community, and if you've tried one of their eyeshadow palettes, you'll know why. These palettes offer much bolder colour combinations that has often been seen in the past, high pigmentation, and some of the creamiest, butteriest, foilesque shimmers you will have ever tried!

Almost 18 months ago now, I totally fell in LOVE with Makeup. Don't get me wrong, I've been wearing some form of makeup since my early to mid teens, but by my late 20's I had settled with just one bag of makeup mainly filled with MAC products.


For a few years now I've been obsessed with more natural skincare. It was kind of a spillover from other areas of my life, I had limited the harsh chemicals in my home cleaning routine and have been avoiding chemicals in food where possible for over a decade. Natural skincare was just the next obvious step for me.

Ahhh...The Magic Palette. And my Love Affair with Juvias Place Eyeshadows has begun. The Magic Palette was HUGE on Youtube back in the Summer of 2017 and its no surprise really. The super bright colours in the palette really do lend themselves to summer months, for me at least....


When it comes to reviewing makeup products as a Youtuber or Blogger, it wouldn't be unfair to say I'm a little odd. Even though they are popular and fun to watch, you're unlikely to find me doing a First Impressions video.


If you follow me over on YouTube, you would probably know that I'm currently on a Makeup shopping ban for the foreseeable future. To be completely honest, before I uploaded that video my finger hovered over the Publish button for much longer than normal. I was worried.