Hello and thanks so much for dropping by! I hope you enjoy this website and if you want to know about me read on...

Many moons ago, in my early twenties, I became really interested in 'real food'. I wont deny the catalyst was wanting to be trim - I was one of those people who would eat a bag of crisps rather than an apple because "its less calories". But calories are not created equal. Looking back now I can barely believe I thought that way.

As I did more and more research into food additives and processed products, the more I found myself motivated to eat better. I gained an Advanced Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology and several things were dropped from my diet forever. For a period of time, I was a paragon of virtue!

However, as the years passed, I fell off the wagon. And stayed off. The challenges of life, managing a household and a stressful job combined with a poor self image meant that far too many ready made processed dinners and 'naughty' things crept in. I gained weight, more weight than I had ever gained before, I was constantly tired, sluggish and unhappy. I was so frustrated with myself as I knew so much about food, about what our body needs and how poor lifestyle choices can lead to all sorts of problems.

Then in 2015, feeling lacklustre and fed up, I made a promise to myself that things would get better and in order for that to happen I would have to put on my big girl pants, be brave and embrace change.

I started eating better, sticking to homemade meals made from fresh produce and continued to educate myself on nutrition and food additives. I lost weight fast, had more energy and was more motivated in all areas of my life.

Once I immersed myself and ultimately started to feel so much better, I began getting interested in the other chemicals in my life - in my household cleaning products and in the products I put on my skin & hair.

After investigating the chemicals on the backs of labels, I felt inspired to create my own homemade natural products. Amazingly, my dry skin disappeared and became plump and soft, I suffered less breakouts, and my sore itchy scalp resolved. Although it was never my expectation, I actually ended up saving money too!

In 2016, this blog was born. My own online space to share my journey to a more natural lifestyle. I aim to share easy simple recipes for your table, your beauty cabinet & your cleaning cupboard plus tips and tricks I've learnt along the way for simplifying life.