Phew! I'm almost there. Whilst I absolutely love everything I've done so far with the garden, what would a garden be without somewhere lovely to sit and take in the results of your efforts? Not to mention some beautiful plants!

Now I'm somewhat sad to say I am rather far from green fingered - I love flowers and plants but I've never been all that interested in digging up the garden, despite having happy memories of gardening with my gran as a child. (My gran has had one of the best planted gardens for a long as I can ever remember!) However, this garden needed something more to give it that something extra, something only plants could offer, so I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in (and have really rather enjoyed it - or at least the results!).

First things first though has to be the seating as this actually inspired quite a few of my plant choices. I intially wanted some of that super trendy rattan furtniture; before installing several of the cute items like insect boxes and so on I was going to aim for a very modern vibe with the reed fencing and maybe some tropical grasses - almost a holdiay feel. In the end, I decided to be a little sensible. Although my garden is the perfect size for me from a management perspective, it's really not that big, all these huge dining sets and rattan cubes would have totally dominated the space. Not to mention even looking second hand, because the rattan style furniture is somewhat in demand sellers wanted silly money for it! So I decided to go for a small wooden table and chairs that could be upcycled.

I managed to bag this table and four chairs from Facebook Marketplace for just £20. I liked that it folded so could be put away if needed, but as it wasn't too expensive, if i made a total mess of painting it up it wouldn't matter so much. Thankfully the set was in good condition, just needed a repaint and some tlc.

I painted the table and chairs in Cuprinol Shades paint in the colour 'Willow'. I had seen some other bloggers use this colour via pictures on Pinterest and really liked it. I'm super happy with the results, so much so I painted the garage door which had definitely seen better days! The colour gave me almost vintage and cottage garden vibes and this really influenced the rest of my choices - including those mentioned in previous posts in this series!



Next on my hit list was this rather sad looking bit of trellis panelling. Once upon a time I think a little Clematis may have grown up it daintily, however several harsh winters have managed to kill off anything that grew here. 

I contemplated painting the trellis to match the door and seating but decided against it as painting every knook and cranny on the trellis would have been quite the task. But it needed something as it was a bit of a sad looking space.


I'm so pleased with the end result -I turned this into a hanging Lavender Wall! I initially wanted to turn this space into a hanging herb garden but I'm truly happy with this instead, in fact I think it looks much prettier than I think herbs would have. 

Originally I was looking for some pots with incorporated hangers but everything I found was either not very pretty or silly expensive. I spotted these cute metal pots in Poundland and simply attached the handle with a tie wrap and then to keep the pots in the position I wanted, just put a little screw into the trellis underneath each pot for support. These pots didn't have any holes in the bottom so I did make sure to drill three small ones in the bottom of each to allow drainage. (Ps these pots look perfectly in line in real life, not sure why they dont in the photo!)

The choice of Lavender was completely by accident. I popped into B&Q on the way home from work one day to find a ton of Lavender reduced. The Lavender in these pots were just £2 each and fitted perfectly inside the metal pots - like it was meant to be!

As a huge bonus, I felt Lavender really suited the vibe the garden was developing, vintage and almost a little country. Those that know me, know I'm rather partial to a trip to a country estate or stately home, so adding those sort of elements into my own garden was very much welcome. 

As another bonus, I just LOVE Lavender. I use the essential oils in my homemade skincare and bath products, I love it for its well acknowledged aromatherapy relaxation properties and it's a hardy fragrant plant - perfect for me! Lavender really is at it's best in July - my birthday month - I can't wait to see how it blooms in my garden.

As if I didn't have enough Lavender already, I managed to find this cute Lavender plant in an equally cute purple pot for the center of the table. This was reduced to just £4 from £15! It looked a little sad but with a little tlc it looks great and is growing well.

As mentioned in a previous post, if entertaining, especially in the evenings I tend to add a citronella candle to the centre of the table, but I just love this pot of Lavender for the daytime. I felt like this perfectly complimented the table and makes it look a little more 'dressed' and inviting to sit at. The bees just love it too and will sit on the flowers even when you are sitting there - if you're scared of bees being close, don't be! The bees that have been visiting my plants are completely uninterested in humans and go on their merry way after visiting the Lavender.

I also picked up a good sized French Lavender plant in a terracotta pot (not pictured) reduced from £15 to just £2. It looked really quite sorry for itself and I wasn't sure that I would be able to revive it, but figured a similar pot would cost at least £2 if not more, so all was not lost if I couldn't. Thankfully with some tlc and a little cutting back it has recovered nicely and is starting to bloom! 

What about other plants in the Garden? If you thought I had had enough of Lavender you'd be wrong! I managed to pick up some small French Lavender plants for just a £1 each reduced. I couldn't leave them behind at that price so now have three of these in the planters mentioned in my previous post sitting on the lawn between some stake lights. They actually look really cute and as lavender seems to grow relatively quickly I'm excited to see the lavender fill the planter in time - as well as smell amazing!

I also picked up several Rosemary plants at just £1 each. Obviously Rosemary is great used in cooking, but as a plant it's hardy, fast growing and fragrant, things I was looking for. Plus I felt like Rosemary also complimented the cottage garden feel that was developing. 

Also from B&Q's clearance (see a theme here?), I picked up 4 packs of 9 snapdragons for just £1 each. They admitedly looked a little sad and seemed to have some leaf rust (according to google snapdragons aren't a fan of having water on their leaves - not that I'm worried, I mean it rains in the UK a fair bit for a start!), but now they are repotted they are growing quite steadily. I can't wait to see them bloom, especially as they normally flower all the way into the autumn which will add some welcome colour later in the season.

I decided to keep going with the purple flower theme where I could so picked up this Scabiosa plant, often called a Pincushion flower plant for just £2. 

This plant grows relatively fast and needs 'splitting' every year or so to help it continue to grow (isn't the internet wonderful when you are a clueless gardener?!). As I wasn't planting in a huge container and this grows fast I decided to split it now. I have to admit I was rather scared that I would kill it but thankfully two weeks on both halves are doing well - my green fingered gran would be proud lol!

Last on the planting front was some Miracle Gro wildflower seeds from Poundland. This cost just £2, but contains Seeds, Coir and plant food and is a whopping £13 on Amazon so was a great little purchase. It's full of flowers that support butterflies and bees too which is a lovely bonus. 

I also picked up 2 beautiful purple Senetti plants, but I didnt seem to do very well looking after them so I've sent them off to my Mum's to see if she can revive them!

I couldn't end the post without the last little addition to the garden. My parents gifted me a little handmade dog bed, it had been kept outside so needed a bit of tlc (and the spiders relocating), but after a paint is really rather cute! P.s It usually has a cushion or blanket in the bottom for comfort but Coco jumped in and I couldn't pass up the chance to get a quick photo for you!

There's probably a few more bits to get it all finished completely (for example the lawn could do with some weed and feed), but I would say I'm at least 95% there. I'm excited to see how it will all look as it matures. Here's to a relaxing summer in the Garden!

This post is NOT sponsored in any way. All items were purchased from Poundland & B&Q stores using my own money.