How To Make Homemade Moisturiser with Tea Tree Oil

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few years you will have heard that Coconut Oil is brilliant for.....well, pretty much everything. And I have to admit I'm Coco-nutty about it. (Sorry couldnt resist!)

I've been experimenting with homemade beauty products for a little while now and am absolutely loving it. After spending some time researching the ingredients in some of the many lotions and potions in my cabinet, I was really motivated to make to switch to natural products.

Many of the ingredients in commercial moisturisers are full of things I want to avoid. Parabens, Petroleum, & Phthalates to name just a few. The internet is full of amazing information on why you should avoid them - hopefully I will write another post on them soon. (A quick google yourself and I swear you'll want to go natural)

Coconut Oil is said to be antibacterial, antifungal and ultra moisturising by experts. But Coconut oil on my face? I wasn't immediately sold on it. Wouldn't it be greasy? Would my make up slide off? Surely I'd get lots of spots? (And who wants that?). All the same I had run out of the moisturiser I used to use, and really wanted some form of chemical free moisturiser - Coconut oil it is!

I'd already been using a homemade night cream with added essential oils said to be good for wrinkles and this time I wanted to think about trying to tackle breakouts. I decided to incorporate Tea Tree Oil purely from memories of my teenage years buying everything Tea Tree for acne control back then - but lets face it, it isn't the greatest scent. I needed to add some extra essential oils that would be beneficial but mask the Tea Tree smell. A quick google of the best essential oils for skin & acne and I was away!

I've used this combination for a little while now and really pleased with the results - be careful though, a little really does go a LONG way. Use too much and you will just end up with a greasy mess. If you don't have the essential oils, you can just moisturise with the plain coconut oil and you will still get some lovely moisturizing benefits. Some people claim they have experienced break outs from using coconut oil on their face (it is said to score higher on the comedogenic scale than some other oils) but I haven't had this problem - if anything I've had far less issues with dreaded spots. No issues with make up sliding either - just leave a short while for the oil to sink in.

Added Bonus - This was super cheap to make!

You will need:

1/4 cup of Coconut Oil

4-5 drops of Essential Oil of your choice (I used 1 drop of Tea Tree, Lavender, Neroli, Patchouli, & Geranium)

**You don't necessarily need to buy all the above oils, I already had them in my cabinet**

How To Make It:

Whip the Coconut Oil & your selected Essential Oils together. Transfer to a glass container or jar - thats it!

(Whipping the coconut oil adds air to create a more 'cream like' texture although isn't mandatory - just make sure you mix the essential oils evenly through the mixture if you are using them)

Have you used Coconut Oil on your face? How did you get on?


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