Super Simple Carrot & Coriander Soup

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Carrot & Coriander Soup 

There's nothing quite like a bowl of Soup. Tasty, Creamy & Filling.

I'm a big fan of soups, they are a really easy way to incorporate more vegetables into the diet, easy to make, and can leave you feeling full for a long time. Soup generally freezes well too so is great to make in bulk to keep you on track with healthy eating on busy days.

Another reason I love Soup? I fully believe that along with a healthy lifestyle, choosing soup at mealtimes helped me lose weight.

Carrots are a relatively cheap and brilliantly nutritious vegetable; according to

A serving of carrots (one medium carrot or ½ cup chopped) will provide about:

  • 210% of the average daily recommended amount of vitamin A
  • 10% vitamin K
  • 6% vitamin C
  • 2% calcium

Even more amazingly, there's increasing science to suggest the consumption of carrots may reduce your risk of certain chronic disease.

So lets eat that soup! Even though I'm really into making food from scratch, I'm definitely not into standing at the hob all day; so I promise my recipes will be easy and not require loads of prep.

(This recipe can be made vegan by substituting the butter for coconut oil and skipping the cream, it still tastes great)


You will need:

700g carrots (preferably organic)

25g of butter OR 20g of coconut oil

2 medium onions

1 litre of vegetable stock

1 teaspoon of mixed herbs

2 teaspoons of chopped garlic

2 tablespoons of ground coriander

(Optional) 150mls Single Cream


How to Make It:

Melt the butter/coconut oil in a pan over a low heat. Chop the onions and add to a pan with the chopped garlic, cover and simmer until onions are transulent.

Roughly chop the carrots and add to the pan along with the vegetable stock & mixed herbs. Bring to a boil, then cover again simmering for approx 15 minutes until the carrots have softened.

Transfer to blender and blitz until smooth. Transfer back to the pan, stir in the ground coriander and add salt and pepper to taste.

Finally add the single cream if including. Serve whilst hot.


Have you tried this recipe? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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