Clothing I No longer Buy

I absolutely love clothes, and I have loved clothes for as long as I can ever remember.

I still vividly remember the first piece of clothing I was able to chose for myself - a grey and purple sweatshirt with The Little Mermaid on the front. And whilst that purchase was a very successful one (because my mum had to coerce me to take it off so it could be washed and I likely wore way past it's best), I haven't always been so good at avoiding mistakes when shopping for clothing.

Over the last three years I have bought very little clothing and that, along with beginning to declutter my wardrobe, has made me take a long hard look at the clothing I own and recognise some of the mistakes I was previously making.

With this in mind, there are a few types of clothing I have decided to no longer buy...


With the benefit of hindsight I'm actually embarrassed at how many items I own that would fit into this category. I'm not talking about the items that perhaps need a small amount of tailoring to fit you even better, I mean the items that straight up do not fit.

Often these items were found in the sale, they don't have the size up available, so you say to yourself - 'No problem, it will give me an incentive to lose those extra five pounds' or whatever. But what I've found is even if you do fit into the item in maybe a few months time, often it doesn't fit the way you imagined it would, it doesn't look the way you imagined it would, and you don't feel the way you imagined you would, and you end up not wearing it anyway. And that's without mentioning the items that never end up fitting. 

From now on, if it doesn't fit, I'm leaving it in the shop.


I'm sure this is a concept most people are familiar with already, but I think its a trap many of us can fall into when shopping for clothing.

For example, in my fantasy life I go to amazing restaurants and bars in the city wearing glam dresses and sparkly heels several times a week. I wear powersuits and skyscraper heels to work, but this is not remotely my life.

Whilst I enjoy a night out with friends and the opportunity to dress up from time to time, and I am most definitely a lover of a dress - these days you are far more likely to find me going for a walk in nature, visiting a stately home, doing my gardening, or visiting a country gastropub, where the required attire is rather different to that of my fantasy lifestyle.

So whilst I am like a magpie in stores when it comes to anything sparkly and glam, I am going to be realistic about the life I actually lead and ensure my clothing budget is spent with that in mind.


Now I love shopping in the sales, I have bought some genuinely fantasic items in the sale that I have worn an incredible amount of times - but equally I've been guilty of buying things where the primary reason was because it was highly discounted or inexpensive. In other words I didn't particularly love the item or feel my best in it, and generally what happened was I didn't really reach for that item and although the item perhaps didn't have a huge initial cost, because I didn't truly love it in the first place, the cost per wear can be much higher than something purchased at full retail cost but worn over and over again.

So whilst I will absolutely be shopping in the sales in the future, I will be adding the same scruitiny to those purchases as I would for something that is not discounted, and if I'm not confident that I will wear it multiple times, I will leave it in the store for someone else who will love it, and save my budget for something I know I'm going to get value for money out of.



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