It's rapidly approaching that time of year when we need to layer up and keep warm, not only that but through the colder months many of us suffer with dry and chapped lips - I know I do! 

I decided to be ready for those cold chills ahead of time and arm myself with some lip balm. I was looking for a more natural option as I've found my skin doesn't seem to like mineral oil or petroleum based products. There's a lot to choose from in the Lip Care market but settled on Burts Bees. They're a brand I haven't ever tried before but are talked about a lot in the natural skincare market.

I settled on this 4 pack of Lip Balms so I could really give the product a thorough test - plus if you're like me you need one for the work bag, the coat pocket, the bedside table and so on!

This pack contains their Original Beeswax Lip Balm and 3 other varieties, Strawberry, Coconut & Pear and Vanilla Bean.

The formula of the Lip Balms as you might being the Burt's Bees brand contains Beeswax as a moisturising agent. The ingredients are strictly speaking all natural as the company claims, but obviously with Beeswax and Lanolin (an oil usually derived from Sheep's Wool) included this is not a vegan product, however they are not tested on animals. On a personal level,  I was disappointed to find they also contained Soy and Canola Oil as they are both cheap and somewhat controversial products - I'm actually unable to eat either product due to sensitivities but thankfully these Lip Balms have posed me no issue when testing on my lips. (Note: I could not find a full rundown of ingredients anywhere online prior to purchase, only that they were '100% Natural)

Ingredients aside, I do like these Lip Balms. They are comfortable, don't sit on the surface of the lip like grease for a long period of time and don't smear all over. I wouldn't say they are super light as you are definitely aware that you have product on your lips but it's not uncomfortable at all. The product does sink into your lips relatively quickly too which is welcomed if you have sore chapped lips. I also liked how these look on the lips, rather than a greasy overly shiny lip, you end up with a much more satin look meaning your lips look much more natural, just moisturised. 

Out of the pack I picked up, I think I prefer the fragranced versions - the original one whilst nice has mint oil added. I know a lot of people enjoy this but to me it felt more medicinal somehow, although I think men might prefer this one over a fruity version. I did however appreciate that this one has no 'aroma' added where the others do. Whilst the brand claim this is 'natural', I'm always dubious, just like I am when food companies claim something has 'natural flavourings'. Maybe I will have to learn to love it so that I can have a Lip Balm without 'aroma'.

The Vanilla Bean smells just as you would expect - super yummy and the strawberry is much fresher and more delicate than I expected. I think the Coconut & Pear is my favourite though, it smells truly delicious, almost luxurious somehow. It's worth noting that the formula is different for the fragranced ones vs the original, rather than the first ingredient being Beewax, it's Sunflower Oil. Sunflower Oil is often very processed so this might be a consideration for some, but should be less of an issue when using as skincare than ingesting.

Overall I think these are a nice addition to my winter skincare armory this year and when bought in a multipack like this one are better value than buying individually. I actually purchased these from Fragrance Direct with a good discount meaning they were quite inexpensive. I wish they made the original formula with no mint oil, or perhaps with just a hint of natural Vanilla Bean Oil, that would be perfect for me. I would say these do the job of moisturising the lips, protecting against chapping but aren't particularly groudbreaking, so don't expect miracles on your first use. I do however really like that this is a petroleum free, 'natural' product which has been much better for me and my lips are much less dry since using these lip balms so it's a thumbs up from me. 

Unfortunately the pack I purchased is now no longer available at Fragrance Direct - I will update with the link should they come back into stock.

*The Burts Bees Lip Balm 4 Pack was bought by myself with my own money and this post is NOT sponsored in any way.