Decleor Rose D'Orient Oil Serum Review

I fell in love with Decleor products earlier this year after receiving some sample products as a free gift with purchase. I'm so glad I did as they have fast become one of my favourite brands!

I've been enjoying oils in my facial skincare routine for some time so it's no surprise that I found myself really enjoying the oil serums I received in sample sizes. These offer the perfect blend of two of my favourite things, natural plant oils and essential oils. Whilst you could argue that you could DIY an oil serum, there's something so decant and luxurious about the Decleor Aromessence Oil Serums.

I've tried the Lavendula Iris & the Neroli Amara Serums and enjoyed both, but I absolutely love anything Rose so simply had to try the Rose D'Orient Oil Serum. It's also the Serum that's recommended for sensitive skin from the range, whilst the other serums haven't irritated me in the slightest I do suffer with quite sensitive skin so was eager to try this one.

Scent wise, I think this is my favourite of all the serums I've tried so far from Decleor. This blend combines Rose, Chamomile and Geranium Essential Oils; three I enjoy individually and work well together. 

This serum is 100% Natural which really appeals to me. I've been working towards reducing my chemical exposure especially in my skincare, plus I've found since switching to more natural options my skin has been less irritated and I suffer breakouts rarely.

Just like the others in the range, this oil serum feels super moisturising but not at all greasy. This isn't a huge bottle at just 15ml but a tiny bit goes a really long way, you only need maybe 2-3 drops for your entire face and neck. This isn't the cheapest option available when it comes to oil serums at an RRP of approx £49.00, but this should last around 3 months even with every day usage so if your budget allows, its a lovely option to add to your routine - plus it's 100% natural, not tested on animals and suitable for Vegans!

The serums from Decleor have become part of my daily skincare routine and this one is a strong contender for my favourite as I simply love the scent. Something about Rose Essential Oil feels really decadant, and who doesn't want decadance in their skincare routine?!

Decleor now have a new version of this Oil Serum, it's been upgraded to be organic. You can purchase it here (not affiliate link):

*The Decleor Aromessence Rose D'Orient Oil Serum was bought by myself with my own money and this post is NOT sponsored in any way.