Recently I've been trying to ensure I build in some self care into my weekly routine. Something simple like carving out one night a week to go tech free and give yourself a little pamper can make the world of difference.  For me a pamper revolves around a relaxing bath and a face mask is a relaxing cherry on top.

I've tried quite a few masks on the market but many of them contain ingredients that irritate my skin terribly, the very opposite of relaxing! As I've tried FaceTheory products in the past and enjoyed that their products contain a lot of natural ingredients, when I noticed they had added face masks to their range I just had to try them. First up, the Pink Clay AHA Face Mask.

Pink Clay Face Masks have been really popular in the beauty community recently, but many are rather expensive - FaceTheory's option is relatively reasonably priced in comparison at £19.99. If you are new to more 'natural' brands or to natural clay masks it's worth noting that this is quite a small pot. This is not unusual with this type of product as a little goes a long way.

The first clay in this mask is Kaolin, which gently cleanses and pulls impurities from the pores without causing redness. It absorbs excess oils and it can help balance the oil production when it’s used over time. Because it doesn’t completely dissolve in water and makes a really nice paste, the crystals in the clay make a really great exfoliant. It's also really gentle so can be used with any skin type, including those people with sensitive skin. 

As suggested I applied a thin amount of the mask to my face and was pleasantly surprised at how far this mask went, meaning even though it seems like a small pot it will offer quite a few applications. I found applying with a brush was the best way to apply this thinly but you could easily apply with your fingers. Thankfully this isn't at all messy to apply, so much so I'd even be comfortable taking this away with me when I travel as I'd not be worried about it dribbling on a hosts carpet!

This mask is really comfortable and doesn't dry out like a lot of clay masks I've tried in the past. Instead it feels really hydrating, this is probably in part due to the added nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Olive Oil. My skin has become really sensitive in recent years and my skin was absolutely fine with this, not only was it comfortable but didn't leave my skin red afterwards. 

Once the ten minutes was up, I massaged the mask on my face with circular motions for a little added exfoliation due to the crushed walnut shells. These are crushed really finely so the exfoliation is mild and should also be ok for those with sensitive skin like mine. 

This washed off really easily (none of that harsh scrubbing like some clay masks) and afterwards my skin felt really smooth and hydrated, almost plumper somehow.

In conclusion, I think this is a really nice mask that's gentle enough to be used fairly regularly and given how little product you need per application, offers good value. At an RRP of £19.99 this is also a less expensive alternative to similar products on the market, plus it includes no chemicals that aggravate my skin!

Fancy trying this out for yourself? CLICK HERE

*The Pink Clay AHA Face Mask was bought by myself with my own money and this post is NOT sponsored in any way. (UPDATE - FaceTheory very kindly refunded the cost of my order as a thank you for reviewing their products on my blog and YouTube)