Juvia's Place are fast gaining popularity in the makeup community, and if you've tried one of their eyeshadow palettes, you'll know why. These palettes offer much bolder colour combinations than has often been seen in the past, high pigmentation, and some of the creamiest, butteriest, foilesque shimmers you will have ever tried!

Juvias Place is a Black Owned Brand, the brain child of Nigerian born beauty Chichi Eburu. The palettes are inspired by aspects of African Culture. Eburu says 'Anytime I have to create a new palette or new product I think of culture, the food, the spices, everything. That’s what inspires me creatively. African festivals, music, clothing, the artwork, the environment.' The outcome? Very original combinations of bright colours that work well for women of colour - but if you like colour, work well for other skin tones too.

'bronze tones for bronzed goddess looks, but with those pops of colour for hot summer nights!'

The Masquerade palette is actually my second Juvia's Palette, the first being the Magic Palette. From the very first time I tried the shimmers I was IN LOVE. The shimmers are without question some of the best I have ever tried. The Magic Palette however is purely bright colours - I was drawn to the Masquerade as it's a combination of bold colours as well as warm neutrals. The Masquerade palette was actually inspired by African Festivities. The bold colours represent the costumes worn at Festivals and the nude and brown shades represent the African soils and environments.

As you can see from the picture, I actually have the Masquerade Mini - a smaller version of the 'original' Masquerade palette. Whilst the size of this offers less value in terms of cost per gram, the mini is easier to store and travel with. This palette for me is perfect for summer holidays, the colour combination works wonderfully - bronze tones for bronzed goddess looks, but with those pops of colour for hot summer nights!

One of the most striking thing about these palettes is the packaging. I don't think I can recall any other brand doing something quite so bold and different from the 'norm'. In a nod to the African culture inspiration, each palette features stunning artwork both on the outside of the palette and inside. Its worth noting that none of the Juvias palettes have a mirror inside. This isn't a big deal for me on a personal level as I can't recall the last time I used the mirror inside any of my palettes - but I know some people really dislike the lack of a mirror.

The formula of the palette is also paraben free, a desire from consumers that is growing given certain research, it does however contain Talc which some people choose to avoid.

All of the Juvias Palettes are cruelty free. This especially is something that many many consumers are understandably concerned about, and in growing numbers. A large portion of the Juvias collection is cassed as Vegan also. It's great to see smaller, independant brands really starting to listen to the wants and needs of customers.

With the brand gaining in popularity, there are an increasing number of 'fakes' and counterfeit Juvias palettes available on the market, so I would always recommend buying from a respected retailer and avoiding certain online marketplaces. 

I also own the Magic Palette - you can see a review for that palette HERE

If you want to see the palette in action with full swatches, please check out the video below.