Juvia's Place The MagIC palette Review

Ahhh...The Magic Palette. And my Love Affair with Juvias Place Eyeshadows has begun.

The Magic Palette was HUGE on Youtube back in the Summer of 2017 and its no surprise really. The super bright colours in the palette really do lend themselves to summer months, for me at least. Plus the shimmers in the Juvia's Place palettes are quite honestly amazing! Genuinely some of the best I have ever come across at this price point - or at any price point for that matter!

The hugely popular YouTuber NikkiTutorials claims that Juvias is one of her absolute favourite brands due to their fabulous pigmentation (and from certain videos I've seen she certainly does seem to use them, rather than say they are great in a video never to be heard of again. She's actually hit pan on the Nubian palette!). Given her popularity, she could choose from almost any brand so that really is high praise indeed.

One of the things that makes Juvia's palettes stand out in a very busy marketplace (apart from their eye shadow colour combinations) is their beautiful packaging. Each palette features stunning artwork inspired by African Culture. 

The Magic Palette is no exception featuring the 'Sun and Moon Goddesses of the Wilds'. The artwork features on the front of the palette as well as in side once opened. This palette doesn't have a mirror which isn't an issue for me, but the artwork is so damn pretty I doubt anyone would mind, even those that love a mirror.

The theming of the palette seems to spill over into the shade selection with half the palette leaning towards warmer tones (the sun goddess perhaps?) and half being somewhat cooler toned shadows.

The shadow selection is pretty bold even for the most ardent colour lover, and features 6 matte shadows and the rest being foilesque shimmers and duochromes. The shimmers are truly where it's at in these palettes, they are so unbelieveably creamy and buttery with immense payoff. Juvia's shimmers seem to be the only ones I can get to work with any intensity with just a dry flat brush. The mattes do still perform well but need a bit of building, mainly as they are quite pigmented so a light hand when working with these is recommended or you can end up with a look that won't blend to a satisfactory finish. The two darkest mattes from the palette are a little stiff (Ife & Yejide - Purple & Blue) but still more than workable.

One surprise from this palette was how well it worked as a stand alone palette. Given the colours I expected I would need to combine with other palettes in my collection, but I found myself being able to create looks quite easily from just The Magic palette. One thing I am grateful for is the shade Kesi - a light cream matte shade. At first this seemed like a strange addition to the palette, but being fair skinned this ended up being a godsend as I can pick up some of this shade combined with a darker matte to lighten it up a little, meaning the shade is a little more wearable for me.

One small thing though - if you love your neutrals this palette may not be for you. It is incredible (mainly for the most amazing shimmers) but if it's just going to sit in the drawer, it's probably not the best pick and they do have others from the collection that may work better for you. Even I am uncertain how much use it will actually get as this is not a palette I could wear 'everyday' at work. If you love warm neutrals but would like to experiment with a little colour I recommend the masquerade palette from this range - you can see my review of that palette HERE