MAKEUP NO BUY - 1 Month UpDATE - WHat I've Learnt So Far

Remember I said I was putting myself on a total makeup buying ban? Bet you didn't think I could do it did you? Well I'm pleased to say I did it! One whole month buying no makeup whatsoever.

Ok, so I know to a lot of people that's no real challenge, but I had been sucked in to the Beauty World in a big way. Being an 'aspiring' youtuber I suppose you could say, I felt pressure to be showing off 'hauls' and always having the latest thing to review. Now for the most part that pressure was entirely self imposed, but ask any small 'beauty' YouTuber and they will likely have felt the same at some point, especially when subscribers will ask you to review that latest thing. You want to be helpful and add value to subscribers as you appreciate them so much, but you're too small for companies to consider you for PR so you end up in this weird place where you can end up just spending a crap ton of money. For stuff you're not even sure you want.

It's more than that though, the spending becomes habitual, the norm. I realised something had to change when I was buying something most days, and began looking for storage for my growing makeup collection despite having many drawers full already. The picture for this blog post is intentionally not glamorous. Owning an insane amount of makeup really isn't all that glam.

So I put myself on a total ban, and vowed to use up some of the crazy stash I already had. And what was surprising was that once that initial craving to shop had passed, I rather enjoyed it. Plus I learnt a lot about what I actually use, as well as what drives me to buy more.

To find out what I learnt in the first month of my no buy, please see the video below.