Hello - anybody out there? Get comfy, grab a cuppa, this might be a long one.....

I severely neglected this blog throughout most of last year. 2017 was a bit of a strange old year for me. 

I had started a new job in a new industry just the Christmas before and was just getting to grips with it, whilst still determining if I had made the right choice. I was conflicted relatively early on. Strange isnt it, we often consider that we might not be right for the company come probabtion time, but rarely consider the company might not be right for us. I had joined the company with seriously good intentions, and a passion for the business, but it wasn't quite shaping up to be what I had dreamed. 

By April, I knew it probably wasn't the place I would see out the rest of my career days and when I was contacted by an old colleague regarding a role at a company she was very happy at, I knew it was time to rethink my previous career change and thankfully landed the role.

Around the same time, I discovered a love of YouTube. I randomly filmed a grainy old video on my equally grainy old camera just to see if I would enjoy it, to see what all the fuss was about. Fast forward a few months and I now regularly upload videos and genuinely love it!

YouTube has genuinely helped me in so many ways. I've learnt tons and it's been the biggest learning curve I can recall! I've also learnt to accept myself a little more, being on camera with no makeup on used to be my worst nightmare, and now I do it regularly without flinching! Its also been a way to accept getting older. Whilst I'm only 34, I've found getting used to my older face challenging. Now, through YouTube I help others accept themselves, talk freely about the things I cover with makeup, or that I can never seem to get my hair in great condition. Sounds shallow right? I hear ya, but deep down we all can worry about these things. Women over 30 seem to be massively underrepresented on YouTube - I'm proud to be part of what I hope will be a change.

I've also connected with a lovely community on YouTube, it's amazed me chatting with these women of all ages how we are all often struggling with something that you would never know. Some of these women are disabled, or struggle socially, or for one reason or another don't get out and about much. Being able to connect with these women is eye opening, reminds you to be kind always, and I'm lucky to call some of these women friends - in the internet sense at least.

So what's next? For 2018, I've set myself some goals specifically around my content. It would be easy to say I want to grow my YouTube channel, or have more Instagram followers, after all isn't that what a lot of so called bloggers would want?

For me, this was about sitting down and really getting to the nitty gritty of what do I want to create, what value do I want to bring to others, what do I want people to know about me? Seems simple right? It's honestly genuinely challenging. Sure I can bang any old video up on YouTube and a few of my much much loved subscribers will watch, but is it quality, and is it valueable? I think so many bloggers and influencers forget the value bit and just want the following - for me its got to be value first and foremost.

So here we go....

First of all, I have decided to revive the blog, and given it a MUCH needed makeover. It's not 100% there yet, but massively headed in the right direction. I hope this will complement my YouTube activities too. Whilst I love YouTube with a passion, I'm genuinely still a fan of a good old read, especially at bedtime. I often read other peoples blogs, especially reviews, so here I am back at the blogging! 

Secondly, I am hoping to be a little more active over on Instagram. I love the platform for its amazing ability to trancend all languages with breathtaking images - however I've been guilty in the past of either not posting or posting crappy quality pictures. This year I'm hoping to not only upload more regularly, but provide much better quality images and also try to add additional value in the captions box.

Following nicely on, I'm really wanting to improve my camera skills. I'm very fortunate in some ways as I have no dependants and work hard at the day job so I was able to buy a fairly fancy camera early on in my YT journey. Only problem is the learning curve is huge! I'm hoping to work on my photography skills and videography skills so that I can create content I'm super proud of, and hopefully that you will enjoy.

Next up - Editing skills! There's something about a great edit that immerses you in a video. When we watch anything on TV, its probably been in the hands of a very capable video editor for some time. It's often subtle, but it can make a massive difference to our viewing experience. I don't think I'm bad at editing, but I know there is so much more I could do to elevate my content. Sure, it will take a little longer to do and well, I have to learn how to do it in the first place, but I think it will be absolutely worth it. 

Lastly, and probably the hardest one for me, is ensuring my content is true to myself. You may notice some changes across my YT channel and over on Instagram in the coming months. The main reason behind this is I want to blog FOREVER - I truly love it. The creative aspect, the constant learning, the relationships with viewers and so on. With that in mind my blogging needs to be consistent with my life and who I really am. For example, I don't wear a full face of heavy makeup every single day, and makeup isn't my sole passion, so I don't feel like it's all I want to talk about. Make sense? I really hope so!

I will still very much blog about Makeup and Beauty, but my very first passion - Fashion, will be making an appearance. Plus I want to share with you great places to visit, healthy food and possibly even some open and honest chats about elements of my life. I'm hoping you will still enjoy these as they are things I'm asked about over on my YT channel regularly.

I hope to meet so many of you in the future on this blog, on instagram, or even over on YouTube - Told you it was a long that cuppa's gone cold!

Much Love - KK xx