New Luxury Haircare - Kerastase DISCIPLINE

Recently I've been really working to try and improve the look and feel of my hair. I'm always drawn in by how beautiful bouncy healthy locks look, there's a definite truth in the term 'crowning glory' when it comes to hair. Sadly, over the years I've really started to struggle to get my hair looking in great condition - it breaks easily, looks frizzy often, and does not do well in any form of humidity. Even the tiniest bit of rain will turn the hour spent in the morning getting sleek locks into a massive frizzball of random curls and straggly mess!

I've also had to switch from standard formula shampoos to sulfate free options. Whilst there are many people who say that sulfates are not an issue, I can tell you that without question my scalp completely disagrees. Products with SLS will make my scalp sore and irritated, not to mention inducing a snow storm around my shoulders.

I hadn't heard an awful lot about the Kerastase brand or products until recently, their products are often used in salons but you're unlikely to find them gracing the shelves in the drugstore. I would say from a price point perspective it's fair to say this brand would be considered luxury or professional hair care products. 

After doing a little research I couldn't help noticing how many of the reviews were simply AMAZING! Many women were calling these products game changers or life changing - high praise indeed! Plus it didn't harm that I found repeated claims that Kate Middleton and the rest of the royal family are fans of the brand. I think Kate has some of the healthiest looking hair there is, and lets face it, if its good enough for a princess it's good enough for me!

I simply had to try it for myself, I did think about it, as as I mentioned earlier, its not the cheapest product on the market and I knew I wouldn't be too pleased if it didn't deliver great results. The shampoo I ordered retails at £19.50, so considerably more than the average bottle of Shampoo.


Whilst it's pretty pricey hair care, I feel it's worth it so far. After all, we wear our hair every day!

I settled on the Kerastase Discipline range which is advertised as a 'haircare range for frizzy and unruly curly hair. Experience frizz-free, smooth feeling hair and defined looking curls.' Sounded good to me - plus there was a sulfate free shampoo available within the range.

When the box containing my order arrived I was so excited to go and wash my hair - I know that sounds utterly ridiculous! 

Thankfully, so far this shampoo and conditioner is absolutely living up to the reviews. Within a few days my scalp had stopped itching and was much less dry (I had unwittingly used a SLS Shampoo a few weeks previous and was paying the price) confirming solidly that a Sulfate free hair care range is a good choice for me. My scalp is thanking me in buckets as it can get sore to the point of distraction.

My hair also seems shiny and much more manageable. Because it's currently quite dry and damaged it can very easily tangle in the night, yet this has reduced massively. 

The most noticable difference is how unbelievably soft my hair feels, I've caught myself several times just running my hands though it because it feels so lovely! I've been so impressed I actually have ordered a few more products from their range and will look forward to sharing them with you too in a future blog post.

Whilst it's pretty pricey hair care, I feel it's worth it so far. After all, we wear our hair every day!


*The Kerastase Discipline Shampoo & Conditioner was bought by myself with my own money and this post is NOT sponsored in any way.