If you've watched me on YouTube for any length of time you would probably know that I love Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation. But as much as I love it, there's no getting away from the fact that it looks like Makeup. I was on the search for a foundation that offered a more natural looking finish and I kept hearing rave reviews about Too Faced's Born This Way. 

When Debenhams Meadowhall revamped their Beauty Hall to include a fully manned Too Faced stand it felt like the perfect time to try it. I've never tried Too Faced products before and been wanting to try them for the longest time so was really excited to give this one a go.

I was colour matched in store to 'Warm Nude' which was WAY too warm for me. Thankfully Too Faced have a fantastic customer service policy and swapped it for the lighter and slightly cooler 'Nude'.

There are definite plus points to this foundation. First up, I LOVE the packaging. Despite being a brand which is often thought of as appealing to a really young demographic, it feels really quite grown up and luxurious with it's heavy glass bottle, simple black and gold colours and no nonsense gold font. I also love that a pump dispenser is part of the bottle, I often think its a bit cheeky when you have to spend an additional £5 for a pump when you're already paying in the region of £30 and up for a foundation. Whilst this product, like most makeup, is far from natural there are a few added ingredients to the formula like Coconut Water and Rhododendron Ferrugineum Extract that are supposed to be beneficial for the skin. When first applied it looks really lovely and more natural than my usual choice of foundation, yet not massively dewy. I wouldn't say it's 'undetectable' as advertised but can definitely be sheered out to look almost like 'your skin but better' with a damp sponge. For a more medium to full coverage with this foundation a good brush will be best.

As for wear time, it's ok but doesn't last all that well on my oily skin past the 4-6 hour point in my T-Zone. One saving grace is that it doesn't do that super ugly separating that some foundations seem to do, it just seems to wear off in those trouble spots like my nose. 

The biggest con for me however is the colour range, or more specifically the undertones. I should really have sensed the issue when the sales assistants / makeup artists were struggling to colour match me in store. I definitely have pink or cool undertones, at the most I'm neutral leaning pink/cool, yet I found the entire range pulls yellow. Only the very fairest shade of Snow looked to pull more pink, but it would be way too pale for me. Nude is an ok match, and is the pinkest of the light to medium shades, but it's far from perfect and building it up to get more coverage just isn't an option as I end up looking a bit orange.

In conclusion, despite the cons of this product on my skin, I actually have genuinely enjoyed using this foundation. It looks much more natural than some of the other foundations I have in my collection making it a really nice choice for everyday. It blends really nicely and I love that it doesn't seperate despite the wear time not being amazing. I'm not sure I will repurchase once I've used this bottle up due to the issue with the undertone for me - however if you are warm / yellow toned I think you might just love this one!

*The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation was bought by myself with my own money and this post is NOT sponsored in any way.