Technic Cosmetics Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palette - Toffee Edition REVIEW

Over the last year I've been absolutely amazed by all the affordable makeup brands on the market. I was a high end user previously, but after discovering a lot of affordable makeup was really pretty good for the money, I've been trying a whole host of new products; so when Technic Cosmetics reached out to me and asked if I would like to try some of their range I was excited to try them! I was lucky enough to receive the Pro Finish Eyeshadow Palettes in the Toffee Edition and Raspberry Edition. 

Truth be told, I thought the Raspberry Edition Palette would be my favourite of the two as the shades gave me Modern Renaissance vibes, however the Toffee Edition has become the palette I've been reaching for a lot more these last few weeks.

This palette is a great pick for neutral lovers, featuring lots of warm brown hues, with one or two on the cooler side so it has potential to suit lots of tastes. Whilst I do love colourful palettes and seem to not be able to resist buying them, if I'm truly honest with myself I wear warmer neutral shades the most out of everything I own. Also, whilst like most bloggers I dream of the day I can do what I love every day (and then maybe I can wear bright purple eyeshadow daily if I so wish), I currently work in a very corporate job where anything more than relatively neutral shades would definitely raise eyebrows, and not in the 'your makeup is amazing' kind of way. 

I think one of the other things I like about this palette is the amount of Matte shadows, out of the full 16 shades, 11 shades are Matte. I've been really trying to take notice of what I actually wear recently, and whilst I always ooh and ahhh over Shimmers when swatching, what I actually wear is a lot of is matte shadows. Mainly because having slightly hooded eyes means shimmers transfer noticably - If I want a great shimmer I tend to reach for THESE.

One thing about this palette along with the Raspberry Edition is that they are Talc Free, something that can be hard to find in affordable palettes and they appear to be free of certain parabens! (No Methlyparaben or Propylparaben as commonly found in some eyeshadow palettes) I get a lot of messages from subscribers on YouTube asking for suggestions for affordable formulas without certain parabens - if you're one of them, do check out these palettes! (This palette contains Phenoxyethanol as a preservative)

Forgive my pictures - I must remind myself to take photos before getting too excited and swatching messing up the palette!

Whilst some of the shades do look quite similar, they are different hues once on the skin albeit not hugely different. The formula though is one of the butteriest I've found at this price point. There was a little kick back when picking up shadows, but nothing excessive and I didn't find I had any fall out when applying. They blend out nicely (and importantly for work days - quickly!) and have as good pigmentation as any of the affordable brands people rave about - I'm not sure why I don't hear more about Technic to be honest. 

The only two shades I wasn't too fussed about was the darkest brown (shade #07) and the black (shade #16), they do work for a smokey eye, but if you want a super dark opaque colour in one spot (a dark defined outer corner for example) you might have to spend time building and take care not to overblend. In the interest of fairness though, I think I'm probably super fussy about those darker shades, I've never been happy with any dark brown or black apart from the MAC one's I own which are significantly more expensive. 

This palette is very affordable and can be picked up from several online outlets and marketplaces. I found this available for as low as between £6-7 delivered so is equally as affordable as most eyeshadow palettes you can pick up in the drugstore. If you are looking for a versatile, inexpensive, talc free eyeshadow palette I would recommend giving this one a go.