As a blogger with somewhat oily skin you might think a Toner is an absolute standard in my everyday skincare regime, yet for some time I haven't really used one. Since I became more interested in natural skincare about two years ago, I've struggled to find one I love that contained less chemicals and was alcohol free. 

I stumbled on The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Spritz whilst searching the internet and just had to try it! I wasn't familiar with the brand previously, but was really interested to read their products are produced in the UK in smaller batches, focus on organic ingredients with a promise to conduct no animal testing.

The ingredients are all ones I recognised instantly and almost anyone could pronounce - this spritz is made with 99.4% organic ingredients! The first being Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, said to moisturize your skin without making it feel greasy. This Spritz also contains Rosa Damascena Flower Extract which is thought to improve moisture in your skin making it look plumper and softer.

The scent of the Facial Spritz is clean and green with a floral nod. Initially you get the Aloe scent, then after a second or two you can smell the Rose Extract. It's more of an earthy Rose scent as you would expect from a floral water rather than the very sweet floral scent of Rose essential oil or artifical Rose Fragrance.

One of the things I like most about this toner is that it's in the form of a spritz, meaning it can be used in it's typical fashion post cleanser, but can easily be used to spritz the face throughout the day to refresh the skin. If you love using a toner to remove that last little bit of makeup or grime from your face it is still easy enough to soak a cotton pad. Personally I do like having the option not to use a cotton pad as it's probably a little better for the environment, especially if you're just using to rehydrate the skin after cleansing. 

Whilst I have oily to combo skin, I've found it's become more and more sensitive now I'm in my thirties. So much so that whilst trying out new products is one of my favourite things, its often twinned with a slight bit of anxiety. I shouldn't have worried with this Facial Spritz, it's super mild given it's ingredients and has caused no redness or irritation.

'This toner isn't the cheapest option out there but for me it's a small price to pay for ingredients that are not only not going to irritate my skin, but have potential nourishing benefits too'

I've found this toner to be fabulous at relieving the 'tight' feeling after washing my face. I've been road testing a few new cleansers, and some of them have been a little too harsh for my skin, leaving my face feeling really 'tight'. I know some people enjoy that feeling, but it's actually a sign that the skin has been stripped of it's naturally occuring oils (ones that are good for your skin!). A few sprays of this Facial Spritz and my skin was feeling calm and comfortable again. 

I've used this throughout the day and it feels so lovely. I can imagine it would be fabulous on hot summer days to refresh, but equally I think it will be really helpful in the Winter months as the change in temperatures can really dry out our skin. I have used over makeup and doesn't seem to make makeup move when sprayed but potentially does reduce wear time a little.

This toner isn't the cheapest option out there but for me its a small price to pay for ingredients that are not only not going to irritate my skin, but have potential nourishing benefits too. So many toners contain large amounts of Alcohol which really irritates my skin so this has been a real happy find. So much so I've actually ordered their Bestselling Herbal Toner to try - I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts on that too!

Want to try this Facial Spritz yourself? You can find it here (not affiliate link):

*The Rose Facial Spritz was bought by myself with my own money and this post is NOT sponsored in any way.