Almost 18 months ago now, I totally fell in LOVE with Makeup. Don't get me wrong, I've been wearing some form of makeup since my early to mid teens, but by my late 20's I had settled with just one bag of makeup mainly filled with MAC products. However, to cut a long story somewhat shorter, 18 months ago I decided to improve my makeup skills and that meant watching a ton of YouTube, buying a fair few products (let's be honest, a LOT of products) and spending a fair few hours practising. On the whole it's been a truly wonderful experience, my makeup (most of the time) looks a lot better than it used to, I've found a huge community of people who love makeup and are simply lovely, and I've improved my confidence a little. However, there is a dark side to this love of makeup, and I'm not alone in it. Hoarding. Buying too much Makeup. Buying Makeup you don't need with money you don't have. Admittedly I'm not guilty of the last one, but I've heard from people that are and I still cringe at times if I count of the value of those makeup hoarding drawers.

Pictures are of my actual, unglamorous, but way too big makeup collection

As I've mentioned in a previous post, I started to realise my makeup spending had got a little out of hand when I was regularly flicking through the Ikea catalogue for storage ideas for my makeup. That might sound simple enough, but I already have an entire dresser full of makeup. Buying storage to enable myself to buy more makeup is beyond ridiculous.

It's fair to say that at present (although I have changes planned for the future), I am what you may consider a Beauty or Makeup YouTuber, and therefore it's only natural that I may own more than the average consumer. However, as a small YouTuber it's not like I receive a mountain of free PR samples for review purposes. Whilst I very gratefully do receive some, it's predominantly all money out of my own pocket. Money that could have been put towards a roof over my head one day. Ok, ok so I'm being a little dramatic now, but the sentiment remains. No one needs the amount of makeup I had accumulated in such a small time for just one face.

The masses of makeup I had accumulated comes in part from discovering new Drugstore Makeup. Whilst I had bought bits and pieces from the drugstore over recent years occasionally, I had previously very much been a department store shopper favouring MAC products in particular, a nod to my younger years when every MUA seemed to use MAC on photoshoots. I hadn't been buying drugstore makeup regularly since probably my late teens, and at that time the difference between drugstore and high end was vast. In recent years drugstore brands have upped their game, and a whole host of new players have arrived on the market. So many YouTubers were praising these drugstore brands and their makeup - I felt compelled to try them, and they are surprising good for the money. Shame I lost my head a little - like a kid in a candy shop, I had to have it all! 

Hoarding. Buying too much Makeup. Buying Makeup you don't need with money you don't have.

Several weeks ago now, I suddenly felt that enough was enough, and vowed to stop buying makeup for at least a period of time and at the very least go on a 'low buy'. My makeup was starting to overwhelm me rather than bring me joy like it should. I was buying makeup before I had even tested out makeup I'd bought only the week before, I felt almost addicted to buying makeup. In fact, looking back, I think I had begun to enjoy buying makeup more than using it. The anticipation of it arriving after ordering, the little rush you get when the postman arrives, what a shame it's so fleeting.

Out of the blue I turned on the camera, looking a hot mess after a day at work I might add, and declared publicly that I wouldn't buy any more makeup for a least a month, if not longer, and definitely until I had used up some of the mountains sitting in my drawers. It felt good. Surprisingly so many other women told me they were feeling the same, that their hoard was making them feel stressed, that they were hiding purchases from their partners - that's not what makeup should be about. Makeup should make you feel great, ready to face the world, and enhancing your beauty. Not give you sleepless nights!

As I write this I'm almost a month into my no buy, and whilst I still LOVE Makeup, I'm learning a lot. Like what I actually use regularly, what's important to me in a foundation, what would I happily splurge on and where I would be more than happy to save some pennies. I will still be buying and using High End and Drugstore Makeup, but now in a much more discerning way so that I get the best out of my products, and also so I spend money on products that truly make me feel great.

And when it comes down to it - isn't that what makeup is all about?

To watch my YouTube video on my no buy see below - updates on my no buy coming soon!