Recently I've been really working to try and improve the look and feel of my hair. I'm always drawn in by how beautiful bouncy healthy locks look, there's a definite truth in the term 'crowning glory' when it comes to hair. Sadly, over the years I've really started to struggle to get my hair looking in great condition - it breaks easily, looks frizzy often, and does not do well in any form of humidity. Even the tiniest bit of rain will turn the hour spent in the morning getting sleek locks...

If you know me from my YouTube channel you'd be forgiven for thinking I am a 'Beauty Blogger'. And in so many ways I am, I discuss makeup, affordable and high end, review some of the latest products, am passionate about skincare and have even dabbled in tutorials. It's also fair to say I do enjoy makeup and find it a much needed creative outlet. But you see, it wasn't supposed to be like this, I kind of fell into makeup videos. Let me explain by taking you back....


Welcome to my improved (and still very much a work in progress) Blog! I'm super excited to have a little space of the internet that represents me so much better - or at least will do eventually! I started this blog some time ago, and like most newbies I didn't have a clue what I was doing for the longest time - some days I wonder if I do even now :)

Some of my goals for 2018 are to provide great quality content here, on my YouTube channel, on Instagram and so on. It's no easy feat especially with a full time job, but I'm eager to take on the challenge - I'd love you to join me on this beautiful adventure! 

Kirsty - XOXO

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